An app that reminds you to sit up straight.

( I fixed my own posture using it, maybe you can too )
Download 1.0
Windows & Linux not available yet.

What does this app do?

Using the Mac voice, it reminds you to sit up straight every x minutes. I honestly thought I was a lost cause when it came to posture, but having this app turned on every 15 minutes for 7 weeks now has really helped me. There are a lot of factors (exercising, getting up frequently, stretching, going for walks, etc.), so this is but just one tool in many.

However you solve it, do not neglect your back if you're sitting all day.

Why is it called Vatobe?

Vatobe (vah-toe-bee) is the name of a ring-tailed lemur at the Australia Zoo. He's flexible, chills in the sun with great posture but is unfortunately an endangered species. As we really don't want to be looking at spine or chair icons in our menubar, our friend Vatobe will hold the fort

If you enjoy the app, consider adopting Vatobe at Australia Zoo. How cool would that be?
If you have feedback, ideas, or actually adopt Vatobe, tell me at @noeltock !

What's the impact on battery/CPU?

I've been running it for a few weeks and it has been minimal. The download is large (48mb) because it's built on electron, but apart from that it plays nice and just sits in the background.

How do I change the voice?

Vatobe uses the default voice on your mac, so just change that System Preferences Accessibility Speech.


Not sure yet... I feel like a long crowdsourced list of phrases (puns, obscene, clean, etc.) would be a nice way to break up the monotone "sit up straight" phrase. Would love to hear about any other ideas, suggestions and wants.

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